Two mums strip off topless at Manchester Airport security gates

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A self-styled 'Lady of the Manor' has been fined after stripping off topless in protest against tight airport security at Manchester Airport.

Lady Kelly Hadfield-Hyde, 50, is a former air hostess who took on the Lady of Alderley title after a relationship with the Lord of Alderley, James Hadfield-Hyde, who bought the title in the 90s.

She was caught on CCTV stripping off in the family lane at around 6am in December last year. She was traveling with a friend, Anne Chadwick, who also stripped off, and a child.

In a court hearing on Thursday, Hadfield-Hyde said she removed the clothes because security guard Abdullah Mayet told her to.

Ms Hadfield-Hyde and Ms Chdawick admitted in court to sharing a bottle of wine before preparing to board the flight to Malaga, but denied being drunk.

According to the Express, she said Mr Mayet had provoke them into taking their clothes off, telling the court: "He was pointing at me saying, 'off'. I said to him, 'Do you mean just my jacket?' But he was saying, 'Off, off, all off'."

Mr Mayet said his instructions had been clear and he had not asked the women to remove all their clothes.

According to the Daily Mail, Radha Vaithianathar, prosecuting, told Hadfield-Hyde: "I do not know what possessed you to take your clothes off but it wasn't Mr Mayet."

The pair were offered the chance to resolve the issue by paying a fixed-penalty notice, but they insisted on going to court.

She was convicted of a public order offence of causing a disturbance at Trafford Magistrates' Court.

Ms Chadwick, who originally denied the charge but changed her plea to guilty, got a 12-month conditional discharge and was told to pay £500 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Hadfield-Hyde was found guilty and got a £55 fine. She had to pay a £20 surcharge and £850 costs.

According to the Mirror, Mrs Hadfield-Hyde said after the court hearing: "OK, I took my top off and it was a bit over the top.

"But I did nothing wrong, I just did what I was told. I wasn't drunk, they've found me guilty for swearing, but I never swear."

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