Driver caught eating a bowl of cornflakes while navigating busy city centre

Cereal driver

A cyclist has caught a driver munching a bowl of cereal while driving a car at speeds of 35mph through busy Edinburgh city streets.
The driver can be seen casually steering the car with one hand while he overtakes the cyclist who is recording the incident on a helmet-mounted camera.

At one point the driver even tips the bowl to his face in order to drain the remaining milk.

The cyclist can be heard exclaiming "Driving with cornflakes, that is a classic," at the driver before he finally notices he is on film and quickly hides the cereal bowl and drives away.

The cyclist, who goes by the name of Raging Bike on YouTube, subsequently uploaded the clip to the social media video channel where it was met by a bemused response from fellow cyclists and road users. One commenter said, "Did you report this to the police? This is ridiculous."

The Mail Online reported that the Edinburgh police weren't initially informed about the incident but have launched an investigation into the driver's actions.

A police spokesperson told the Mail Online: "Motorists are reminded to ensure they are in full control of their vehicle when driving and should not engage in any activities that can cause distraction or result in a loss of control.

"Anyone found driving inappropriately would be dealt with accordingly."

YouTube user Raging Bike revealed that he didn't report the incident to the police because it, "Seems a bit harsh..."

He added, "(The driver) knows who he is and he was actually driving better than a whole lot of numpties who aren't having a full English but are busy phoning, texting and reading their iPads."

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