Russian driver invents the new sport of car bowling

Russian crash driver

A video has arisen from the 'Crazy Driver Capital of the World' that showcases a brand new motorsport: car bowling.
In the short clip that for once has been captured on CCTV rather than a dash-mounted camera, a driver loses control of a Suzuki Grand Vitara and smashes into not one but four brand new Ladas sat outside a dealership.

The out of control Suzuki represents the bowling ball, the pristine line of Ladas represents the pins and our fine driver here represents a pro bowler with years of pin-smashing experience under her ( reported it was a female behind the wheel) belt.

The accident happened in Ekaterinburg, Russia after the driver lost control of the 4x4 for an unknown reason, span off the road and clattered into four brand new cars that were on display in front of a dealership.

Luckily, the driver managed to escape without injury although the insurance bill is likely to sting a bit.

According to Russian news website E1.RU, the affected dealership has now moved all of its display cars to a safer location at the rear of the building in order to avoid any future collisions.

Watch the video below

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