More workers looking for new jobs

A quarter of workers are looking for a new job amid falling numbers of organisations freezing recruitment, new research has shown.

Three out of five are dissatisfied in their present jobs, while one in four said they had never had a performance review at work, a survey of 3,000 employees found.
%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development said its study also showed that the number of organisations freezing recruitment had fallen from 29% last winter to 24% now.

Research adviser Claire McCartney said: "Talent is on the move again, signalling a decline in fear around job security as the impact of the economic downturn begins to lessen.

"However, this should also signal a warning to employers to up their game when it comes to retaining key talent - if they aren't monitoring their employees' progression and providing opportunities to talk about career development, they may well risk losing some of their most talented workers, who might well vote with their feet and take advantage of a somewhat improved labour market outlook.

"The private sector is particularly at risk of this, where there has been a steady decline in employees' job satisfaction."
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