Men splash double the cash on second engagement ring

Caroline Cassidy

You might imagine that it would be a case of once bitten, twice shy when it comes to marriage. But according to a new survey, men put "more faith in the security" second time round.

Men splash more cash on second or third marriage proposals
Men splash more cash on second or third marriage proposals

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And to show just how much faith the average man puts in a second marriage, he is willing to splash considerably more cash on proposal number two.

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The poll, by, revealed that on average, a man spends £1,200 more on the engagement ring for his second wife-to-be, jumping from £821 for his first marriage to £2,050.

Some 48 per cent said the extra money spent was a reflection of their faith in the marriage, although 38 per cent confessed they simply had more cash to splash. An unlucky 17 per cent admitted the higher price was a result of their bride's expensive tastes.

Unfortunately, not even second marriages always last, and third wives often reap the benefits, with an average of £3,003 spend on their sparkler.
Ali O'Neill, head of product at, told the Daily Mail that an increased disposable income later in life went some way to explaining the extra spend on engagement rings, but added: "What was interesting was the idea that men spend more when they have more faith in the marriage, and consider second marriages to be more worthy of spending a little extra.

"Whatever the reason, our results show that quite often women really are second time lucky."

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