Suzuki reveals a trio of concept cars

Suzuki X-Lander Concept

Suzuki is gearing up for the Tokyo motor show next month by releasing three crazy new crossover vehicles that showcase the marque's ability to pack innovative styling into a neat little package.
The first concept is labelled the Crosshiker and it appear to be the most 'production ready' model due to be unveiled.

The funky compact crossover features a raised ride height yet measure up little bigger than a compact city car such as our long-term Skoda Citigo.

Suzuki says the Crosshiker is a showcase for the next generation lightweight platform that could underpin a plethora of upcoming models from the Japanese marque.

The concept will weight just under 810kg and likely feature a tiny 1-litre, three-cylinder engine for the ultimate in fuel consumption figures.

Next up is the slightly wackier X-Lander 4x4 that borrows the same basic platform as the Jimny but features a next generation 1.3-litre engine.

The Tonka Toy exterior and lack of roof will likely disappear should a production model get the green light but Suzuki feels this 'soft-roader' could rival Nissan's best-selling Juke model.

Last up is the Hustler, a model that looks the least likely to make serious waves in the UK car market.

The boxy exterior builds on the Japanese trend for micro-cars or tiny city cars that leave as small a footprint on congested roads as possible.

It is said to boast a roomy interior despite its diminutive road presence and Suzuki plans to create a sports coupe for the Japanese market.

Take a look at the crazy creations below and stay tuned for more from the Tokyo motor show next month

Suzuki Tokyo Motor Show Concepts
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Suzuki reveals a trio of concept cars
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