Storm of St Jude causes death and destruction on British roads

Storm of St Jude causes death and destruction on British roads

The St Jude's Day storm that battered the UK on Monday morning has caused at least one death on Britain's roads, as well as a significant rise in the number of car insurance claims.

51-year-old Donal Drohan was one of four people who lost their lives in the high winds, when a tree fell onto his car as he drove to work in Watford.
Despite frantic attempts to save him, he died at the scene.

The AA says that its insurance arm took about 20% more claims than usual for a Monday morning, though more can be expected as additional reports of damage trickle in.

While a rise in claims was to be expected, the figures confirm that the storm had a significant effect across the country.

The company also added that it had received a few unusual claims among the more typical storm damage reports.

"Common were cars peppered with roof tiles or crushed by falling trees," said Simon Douglas, the director of AA Insurance. "But one claimant said his car was struck by a flying summerhouse roof, and another by playground equipment."

Mr Douglas added that a row of scaffolding which collapsed in London had landed on the cars below, causing many of them to be written off.

Meanwhile, some drivers had claimed for water damage having attempted to drive through puddles that turned out to be deeper than they'd thought.

The AA also added that it had seen around twice as many home insurance claims as was usual.

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