Long term report: Skoda Citigo Sport

Long term report: Skoda Citigo Sport

Over the past few months I've been accused of secretly working for Skoda. I can categorically say my allegiances are completely with contributing to this website and I have not been fraternising with the Czechs.> People have been saying this because I haven't mentioned one bad thing about AOL Car's Citigo Sport. Well, stick this in your pipe and smoke it because I have a few grievances to air.

The first – are you all listening? – concerns the seat belt warning system. Normally, these contraptions bong and shout at you when you haven't got your seat belt on, but at a certain time of the month our Sport decides to bong and shout when you have your seat belt ON.

The only cure is to stop, unclick your seat belt and start all over again.

Secondly, the fuel gauge seems to read full for days on end and then, within a matter of minutes, the needle moves speedily around to empty, causing panic that you're going to run out of juice.

So, you pull over at a petrol station and decide to fill up to err on the side of caution, and then it takes 15 minutes to try to undo the filler cap. It's a bizarre cap.

If you stick the key in and twist to unlock it seems to make no difference to whether you're able to take it out. And then locking it afterwards seems to make no difference because it's impossible to open it in the first place.

Long term report: Skoda Citigo Sport

And while I'm moaning it's very easy to burn the clutch badly when you're performing a hill start and while our car is packed with interior kit, the lack of electric mirrors or one-touch electric windows is really starting to grind.

Model: Skoda Citigo Sport
Price: £11,050 (as tested)
Engine: 1.0-litre, three-cylinder, petrol
Power: 58bhp, 95Nm
Max speed: 99mph
0-60mph: 14.2s
Emissions: 105g/km
Mileage this month: 876
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