Natural teeth whitening tips and tricks

Many of us would admit to wanting a Hollywood smile, but sadly we are not all blessed with a gleaming white teeth. What's more, not everybody can afford a cosmetic surgeon's solution to the problems of stained or coloured gnashers.

Natural teeth whitening
Natural teeth whitening

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Happily, there are ways and means of keeping your teeth sparkling, and even lightening your pearly whites. Here are a few tips and tricks to set you on the path to a smile you can be proud of.

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Fruit is your friend
Some fruits are not just a healthy addition to your diet, but are tooth-friendly substances as well. Apples and pears, for instance, have a high water content that increases saliva production, helping to see off bacteria that can lead to bad breath and plaque, and the crispy crunch of a delicious apple helps to strengthen gums too. Both will keep your gnashers in good nick, and that means you'll retain a bright, white smile.

There's even better news for fans of the strawberry. Don't be fooled by its surface colour - the malic acid within this summer fruit is a natural astringent and can actually help to remove surface discolouration, so tuck in.

Certain fresh veggies are also a winner, with carrots and celery both offering the same saliva enhancing properties of apples, and broccoli acting as a natural tooth brush all while you're munching your lunch.

Delight in dairy
Your diet might tell you to limit your intake, but when it comes to your teeth, dairy is a superfood. Rich in calcium that keeps teeth strong, healthy and white, milk, yoghurt and cheese are must-haves for those who want to take care of their smile.

Cheese, though it will do little for your waistline, has been shown to boost the pH level in your mouth, thereby strengthening the enamel, and if you've indulged in fizzy pop, fruit juice or wine, it's better to hit the cheeseboard than brush straight away, as it will increase saliva production, thereby limiting the damage caused by the acid in food and drink.

Help yourself to H2O
We often indulge in foods and drinks that discolour our teeth, but keeping a glass of wonderful water close at hand will help to keep the staining at bay. The likes of spinach, beetroot and blueberries, wine, tea and coffee all take their toll on our tooth colour, but by rinsing your mouth with H2O after consuming dark-coloured food and drink, you'll help your mouth by limiting the stain possibilities and reducing acidity, which can damage the enamel. Just make sure you opt for the still variety, as sparkling water can also erode tooth enamel.

Fake it
While all of the above will help to keep your teeth healthy and strong, and some may even lighten your pearly whites, there's a limit to just how effective they will be if you're not blessed with naturally white gnashers.
However, with the right makeup you can make your smile appear lighter and brighter. For instance, by choosing lipsticks in cool tones, you'll create the illusion of whiter teeth, so pick light pinks if you're fair, bluish rosy shades if you have olive skin, and plums or wine colours if your complexion is dark. And if all else fails, break out the bronzer - there's nothing like a glowing complexion to make your teeth stand out.

Have you tried any natural teeth whitening tricks? What worked for you? Leave your comments below...