Is this the closest shave ever caught on camera?

Is this the closest shave ever caught on camera?

We'll give you one guess as to where this shocking video hails from... yes, that's right, Russia.
In a classic dash-cam video, one unwitting driver manages to capture to the sheer terror of being a pedestrian in the Russian Federation, surrounded by motorists that drive without due care and attention on a daily basis.

In the video, a pedestrian can be seen attempting to cross a busy section of the road using one of the country's marked 'zebra' crossing routes. But one speedy motorist flaunts the law that clearly states cars must yield to pedestrians (which could land him or her a £10 fine!) and zooms over the crossing at breakneck speed.

The chap crossing the road has split seconds to react to the oncoming car (and his impending death) and manages to sidestep the vehicle, missing it by a few millimetres.

His cat-like reflexes certainly saved his skin but the most galling part of the video is the fact the speeding motorist doesn't even slow down to check if the pedestrian is OK.

We strongly suggest you take a look at the breath-taking video below and brush up on your road crossing skills if you are thinking of visiting Russia in the near future.

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