Eurostar in advert faux pas

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Eurostar in advert faux pas
Eurostar in advert faux pas

Eurostar has posted an advert in its onboard magazine urging people "tired of paying too much tax in France" to move to Britain.

The advert reads: "Tired of paying too much tax in France? The UK will roll out the red carpet for you."

The ad refers to comments by David Cameron last year to entice French tax exiles to Britain.

It then lists the tax benefits of living in Britain, including employer's social security tax of 12 per cent, corporation tax of 20 per cent and no wealth tax.

Metropolitan magazine is produced by London agency INK and not Eurostar itself, although editor Marie-Noëlle Bauer told the Huffington Post that Eurostar "of course has the right" to approve the content of each edition before publication.

According to France 24, a Eurostar spokesperson said the ad had "escaped the notice of Eurostar's marketing team" otherwise "we would not have published it".

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