Double decker bus blown over in strong winds injuring two

Double decker bus blown over in strong winds injuring two

Two passengers have been injured after the ferocious St Jude's Day storm winds blew over a double decker bus in Suffolk.

The number 91 service was on the A1071 in Hadleigh when it overturned and came to rest in a field.

There were two passengers on board, and while both escaped without serious injury, one was left hurt.

According to the Norwich Evening News, the driver became trapped in the bus, and emergency services had to break through the windscreen to free him, before he was removed on a spinal board.

Rob Thacker, who saw the incident from a van behind the bus, told the BBC: "There was a mighty gust of wind and the bus was just lifted up and dumped on its side.

"Its front wheels seemed to be up in the air. It was like watching something in slow-motion in the movies."

David Burrows, from Beestons, said: "The majority of our business operates in rural areas and we've taken the step of suspending all services as we just can't run."

A storm with hurricane-force winds of up to 100mph hit Britain on Sunday night, and four people have died as a result.

A teenager in Kent and a man in Watford were killed by falling trees, and a man and woman died in West Lonson after a falling tree caused a suspected gas explosion and house collapse, reports the BBC.

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