Passengers trapped on smoke-filled Tube train

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Terrified passengers were trapped on a Tube train which filled up with acrid smoke and fumes, a safety report has revealed.

Panicked passengers were forced to open the doors of the train after smoke filled the carriages at Holland Park in August.

The emergency alarm was pulled and the train stopped with the first half of the first car in the tunnel.

London24 reports that a Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) report said: "Nobody was injured in the incident, but the RAIB considers that there was potential for injuries to occur because the train was heavily loaded and a large number of people were prevented from leaving the train for almost four minutes after it stopped."

A video of the incident was posted on YouTube by a user who wrote: "People desperate to get out of the train. It's a central line at Holland Park. Train is partially in the tunnel. Fire can be smelled in the air. The doors refused to open. Station was being evacuated."

The Evening Standard reports that the train was more crowded than usual because people were going to and from Notting Hill Carnival.

Central line operations director Peter McNaught told the Standard: "We have apologised fully to our customers and have fully assisted the RAIB in their inquiries, as well as carrying out our own investigation."

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