Honda unveils cool S660 'micro' sports car concept

Honda unveils cool S660 'micro' sports car concept

Things are really hotting up ahead of next month's Tokyo motor show as manufacturers begin to leak small tasters of the type of thing we can expect to see on the stands.
Honda has unveiled a list of machines it will proudly be presenting but perhaps the most eye-catching is this, the S660 concept that sees futuristic performance squashed down into a car of tiny proportions.

The S660 moniker appears to be a nod to Honda's original tiny roadster, the S600, which was launched back in 1964 featuring a 600cc engine and measuring up at just 3.3 metres long and 1.4 metres wide.

The updated and thoroughly modern S660 could follow the trend for lightweight, economical performance with a 660cc engine (much like the one found in the recent Caterham Seven 160) and thrilling handling and suspensions set-ups.

Early images reveal the concept will run an automatic gearbox with paddle shifters taking care of the changes, while an all-digital display provides the usual speed and rev readouts.

According to Autocar, Daihatsu has also expressed an interest in resurrecting its tiny Copen sports car. The move by the two manufacturers could see an invasion of Kei cars (short for keijidōsha or light automobiles) on UK roads.

These small Japanese vehicles buck the trend for road-hogging mass and instead stick to a stringent set of rules surrounding dimensions, engine capacity and emissions.

Amazingly, Kei cars make up almost half of Japanese car sales but the tiny dimensions and extra frugal engines could resonate with customers that live in congested areas in the UK or simply want to reduce their motoring outgoings.

Honda is yet to confirm whether the S660 is in final production form or if t will make its way over here. We will have to wait until the full reveal later next month.

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Honda unveils cool S660 'micro' sports car concept
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