Shocking video highlights the dangers of driving in heavy fog

Shocking video highlights the dangers of driving in heavy fog

A number of severe weather warnings have been issued this weekend, advising motorists up and down the country to avoid making journeys unless absolutely necessary.
High winds and torrential rain are due to fell trees and flood major roads, making many journeys treacherous, but one form of extreme weather that still manages to catch many motorists unaware is fog.

A number of high profile major accidents have occurred recently thanks to the poor visibility fog produces, in particular the 130-car pile-up that occurred during thick fog on the Sheppey crossing in Kent last month.

More recently, a video has emerged that perfectly highlights the dangers of driving at excessive speeds in areas affected by patches of thick fog.

The video below was recorded on a dash-mounted camera and captures the moment a motorist ploughs through low-hanging fog at speed. Traffic suddenly comes to a standstill ahead, forcing the driver to take evasive action and bring the vehicle to a skidding halt behind a fellow motorist and a stationary HGV.

The manoeuvre seems to work until a lorry comes steaming up from the rear and smashes into the static traffic ahead.

Luckily, all of those affected appear to flee the scene without major injury but the incident reiterates how important it is to take it easy when visibility is poor.

Watch the frightening scenes below

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