Furious ex-boyfriend drives 4x4 through Italian restaurant in revenge attack

Furious ex-boyfriend drives 4x4 through Italian restaurant in revenge attack

Christopher Brassington, 39, from Huddersfield, drove a friend's 4x4 through the window of an Italian restaurant after he found out the owner was in a relationship with his ex-lover, a court heard.
Brassington was more than twice the drink-drive limit when he decided to take the keys to a large pick-up truck and plough through the window of Rinaldis restaurant in Wakefield, sending tables and chairs flying.

The jilted driver then attempted to reverse out of the restaurant, causing an estimated £120,000 worth of damage.

Leeds Crown Court heard how Brassington, a former millionaire, had started drinking heavily after his property empire crashed. The defendant had spent the evening of the incident drinking with former business partner Nigel Coxan in a pub in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

The court heard how the conversation soon turned to Brassington's former long-term girlfriend and her relationship with Glyn Margrave, the owner of Rinaldis Italian restaurant.

The Metro reported that on hearing the news Brassington jumped into Coxan's Toyota Hilux and drove to the Wakefield restaurant with his friend in the passenger seat.

Lawyers defending Brassington said 'like in a scene out of a Quentin Tarantino film' the defendant revved the engine, apologised to his passenger and accelerated towards the front window.

Prosecutor Matthew Harding told Leeds Crown Court: "Both men were screaming as glass was shattering and tables and chairs were scattered."

According to the Daily Mail, the truck went 15ft inside the restaurant before coming to rest against a pillar, which supported the ceiling.

An alarm went off and Brassington stayed in the driver's seat, hitting the accelerator and spinning the wheels.

Police revealed that the defendant claimed he could not remember anything from the evening's events.

He admitted drink-driving, dangerous driving, criminal damage, driving whilst disqualified and driving without insurance.

Judge Shaun Spencer deferred sentence for six months to see how Brassington responded to medical treatment for his personal problems.
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