Porsche driver shows off car control skills to avoid collision

Porsche driver shows off car control skills to avoid collision

A Porsche 911 driver miraculously escaped a major collision by using some serious intuition and impressive car control skills it has emerged recently.
A short video uploaded to YouTube features footage captured by a dash-mounted camera that shows the moment a motorist on a French autoroute carries far too much speed off a slip road, smashes into flowing traffic and hits the central reservation with force.

The quick-thinking Porsche driver, who was travelling at speed in the outside lane at the time of the collision, managed to swerve and avoid the out-of-control vehicle while simultaneously keeping the twitchy tail in check and circumventing debris that had been strewn across the road.

The driver can be heard to exclaim, "putain de merde" (we'll leave you to do the translating) before displaying his fine wheel shuffling skills and bringing the powerful Porsche to a safe stop on the hard shoulder.

There are no reports stating whether or not the stricken road users suffered injuries but judging from the speed the cars involved were travelling at and the ferocity of the central reservation collision, it can't have been a nice experience for anyone.

Take a look at the video below

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