Lorry driver disqualified for 'sexting' lover

Lorry driver disqualified for 'sexting' lover

Lorry driver Ian Wood has been disqualified from driving for 15 months, ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work and ordered to pay a £60 victim surcharge and £100 costs after being found guilty of dangerous driving.
Wood was discovered sending saucy text messages to his lover while behind the wheel of his HGV vehicle and travelling at excess speeds through built-up areas in Lincolnshire, reported local news site This Is Lincolnshire.

As Wood, 43, approached a small village in the Lincolnshire area at 46mph last year he fired off a text to his concubine that said, "Don't give me a hard winkle."

Police discovered the salacious text messages while they were investigating a fatal collision on the A46 that Wood was involved in but didn't cause.

Special constable Scott Bennett lost control of his car and was killed but police discovered Wood did not cause the crash and the last text from his mobile phone was 13 minutes before the tragic incident.

However, the court heard how police crosschecked other messages with the HGV's tachograph and discovered Woods had sent other saucy texts while behind the wheel and breaking the speed limit.

One message told his lover to: "Head to Lincoln on the A15 and wait in the first lay-by you come to." But the meeting didn't take place because at 8.51am on November 3 last year Wood was involved in the fatal collision with Special constable Scott Bennett.

Despite Wood, of Wegberg Road, Nocton, Lincolnshire, denying dangerous driving on November 3, the court saw fit to disqualify the driver due to the weight of evidence against him.
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