Cat drifting: the web's latest video craze

Cat drifting: the web's latest video craze

Type the word 'drifting' into the YouTube search bar and you will likely be presented with an overabundance of videos that feature a certain Mr Ken Block.
The American wheelsmith and founder of iconic extreme sports brand DC managed to capture the attention of cyberspace with a series of high-production videos that see him slide, spin and leap his way through a number of automotive assault courses in his super-powered Ford Fiesta rally car.

But it seems punters are getting bored of his exploits (they aren't really, his latest video amassed over 52 million views and counting) as a new cat has come along to take the drifting crown.

Actually, that should be 'new cats' as the video below captures the latest craze for 'cat drifting', or in other words, a video of fuzzy pets sliding around slippery floors to a popping soundtrack of rip-roaring engines.

We could reel off some hilarious puns about the felines' purr-fect handling skills or the fact they are a whisker away from crashing into the furniture but we won't.

Instead we'll let you press play on the clip below and then come up with your own cat-based jokes in the comments section... or not.

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