Video: HUGE croc wakes from three-month hibernation to first meal of season

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A 700kg saltwater crocodile woke up from its three-month hibernation to a tasty meal of a whole chicken as its first dinner of the season.

The Australian reports that the zookeeper Jason Hainke at Wild Life Sydney Zoo in Australia fed massive croc Rex from behind a special platform which keeps staff safe.

"Throughout winter, it is common for crocodiles to enter a period of inactivity where they survive on their existing energy stores inside their body," Hainke said.

"Once the weather starts warming up, so does their appetite - to indicate their need to replenish their energy."

According to the Daily Telegraph, the zoo has been forced to make Rex live alone due to his extreme aggression.

"Rex, who is also referred to as nature's ultimate killing machine, lives on his own for one simple reason - he doesn't want to live with other crocodiles," explains Hainke.

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