Caterham officially releases cut-price Seven 160 model

Caterham officially releases cut-price Seven 160 model

The order books are now open for the new Caterham Seven 160, a car that sets out to offer the pure thrills of driving for the lowest price possible.
Hitting the market at just £14,995 (for those brave enough to build it), the Seven 160 keeps costs down by using a relatively tiny 660cc 80bhp Suzuki engine and more basic components such as steel wheels.

The Seven 160 is no slouch though, as it is able to tackle the 0-62mph sprint in just 6.5 seconds thanks to its lack of weight, and will go on to a top speed of 100mph.

Caterham Cars CEO, Graham Macdonald, said: "The 160 offers something truly different to the entry-level market. It's more economical, more accessible and every bit as fun on the road as other Sevens but has its own unique personality."

That personality is further brought to the fore with a new solid rear axle that harks back to sports cars of old and notably increases the 'fun factor'.

And that is the major aim of the 160, to deliver real driving thrills cheaply. So that means each steel wheel is shod with basic Avon rubber costing around £40 to replace, fancy interior gimmicks are non existent and exterior paint options a limited to just a few hues.

Macdonald added: "The engineering challenges we faced when developing the new vehicle were significant. The engine, suspension and the overall dynamics all needed to work in harmony and the various arms of the Group have been successful in pooling facilities and expertise to achieve that."

Order books for the Seven 160 are now open and production is expected to begin in January 2014. £14,995 buys the basic product and a lot of time in the shed or customers can part with £17,995 and drive one off the forecourt.

Take a look at the latest addition to the Caterham family below

Caterham Seven 160
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Caterham officially releases cut-price Seven 160 model
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