Women play mind games to lose weight

Caroline Cassidy

There will be little doubt in any dieter's mind that losing weight can be a long and arduous journey, and it seems British women are relying on mental tricks to help them reach their goal.

Women use mind tricks to lose weight
Women use mind tricks to lose weight

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In a survey by Voucher Codes Network, 81 per cent of women said their top mind trick tip was buying clothes a size too small, hoping it will keep them on the straight and narrow until it does fit.

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More than 50 per cent also played mind games with portion sizes, using a smaller plate to fool them into thinking they were tucking into a hearty meal.

Nearly half, meanwhile, kept a daily reminder of their ultimate aim, by putting pictures of themselves looking fat on cupboards and fridges, and a quarter did the same with snaps of skinny celebrities.

But when all else fails, it seems British slimmers resort to stricter measures. More than two thirds of those polled confessed they had banned treats for the whole family in a bid to remove temptation altogether, and just under 50 per cent refused to allow food programmes on the TV.
According to the Daily Mail, a spokesman for Voucher Codes Network said: "These are great dieting tricks and I'm sure most of us have tried one or two of them at some point, if not all.

"It's about tricking ourselves into thinking we don't want or need those naughty treats. The harsh reality is that pretty much all of us would swap the celery for a fresh cream éclair and the glass of water for a glass of wine."

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