Video: The pocket-sized V8 engine

Video: The pocket-sized V8 engine

In this climate of eco-responsibility and a blinkered fixation on CO2 by lawmakers, car manufacturers have had to embrace ever smaller engines boosted by turbochargers, to satisfy both our thirst for power and increasingly strict emissions regulations.
This trend, known as engine downsizing, has had performance car fans worried that one day the death knell will sound for the V8 engine; long the favoured configuration for everything from US muscle cars to screaming Italian supercars.

However, one ingenious spanner jockey may have come up with way of saving the beloved V8 – by making it smaller.

Yes, what you can see in the video below is a fully functioning V8 engine, small enough to sit on a workbench and be fuelled from an old jam jar.

Its displacement measures just 45cc – some 1000 times smaller than an average road-going V8. However, despite its diminutive dimensions, it's a trick piece of kit, featuring electronic fuel injection, an alloy block and a tungsten alloy flywheel.

It even has a hint of V8 rumble amidst its busy buzzing, as its maker opens the throttle.

Click play below to watch this awesome piece of engineering in action.

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