Recruiter advertises 50 jobs: no-one applies


The owner of a recruitment agency In Worcester advertised 50 unskilled roles in a town with 2,000 unemployed people. He didn't get a single application, and has branded local unemployed workers a 'disgrace'.

He is furious that no-one can be bothered to work. But is he right?

The jobs

Danny James, who owns Consistent Personnel, told the Daily Mail that he needed 50 people for jobs at a food factory in Worcester. He advertised at the Jobcentre and didn't receive a single application in time.

The roles were at a food factory. They would last at least three months through the Christmas period, and didn't require any skills or qualifications. They paid the minimum wage of £6.31 an hour.

He told the Worcester News that the attitude of local jobseekers was 'a disgrace.' He said: "I see so many people hanging around on street corners, people outside the Jobcentre smoking and then something like this comes up where I need just 50 people old enough to work in a factory. It's beyond me that they can't even get one person from the Jobcentre. It is so very frustrating."

So why didn't he get any applicants?

The Daily Express quoted one man who would have been available and suitable for the role as saying it wasn't worth it because he was better off on benefits.

However, blaming a benefits culture, or claiming potential applicants are just lazy may be premature.

In the vast majority of instances, unskilled jobs are snapped up. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development revealed earlier this year that each unskilled vacancy attracts an average of 45 applicants.

There are plenty of examples of times when businesses are overwhelmed with the response. When Costa Coffee advertised eight jobs in a Nottingham store at the beginning of this year, they received 1,700 applications.

In this specific case, a large part of the issue is surely the timescale. James first contacted the Jobcentre at 12.20 in the afternoon, and followed it up with details 20 minutes later. He needed people to start work at 5pm the same day. It's arguable that the vast majority of people wouldn't have seen the advert.

Not everyone logs on or visits the Jobcentre every day to check if there are any suitable jobs. For some it isn't practical. Even keen job hunters would have missed this opportunity if they had logged on before midday.

Then there's the fact that the job involved working nights. This doesn't fit around everyone's other responsibilities. Parents, for example, may struggle to get childcare every night at a moment's notice. Not everyone is physically capable of working night shifts either - which take a tremendous toll on the human body.

James was able to drum up 10 people to work the shifts using his contacts. However, there's an argument that he's a professional recruiter, and that if he could only get these sorts of numbers together, it would indicate that it takes slightly longer than 4 hours and 40 minutes to fill 50 roles.

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Recruiter advertises 50 jobs: no-one applies

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