Photos: Tourist spots two 'UFOs' in sky over Devon

Photos: Tourist spots two 'UFOs' in sky over Devon
Photos: Tourist spots two 'UFOs' in sky over Devon

You wait all year for a UFO to turn up - then two arrive at once. This pair of silver saucers were snapped hovering high above the pretty seaside resort of Kinsgwear in Devon.

Welsh holidaymaker Haydn Morgan was taking photos from a passenger ferry on the River Dart when he inadvertently caught them on camera.

The former Navy aeronautical engineer only noticed the flying discs when he got home and examined his pictures.

He said the same scene taken nine seconds later was clear, with the 'flying saucers' gone.

According to the Metro: "I was on the ferry rattling off snaps. I looked at the cloud and it looked a bit strange, so I took a couple of shots at it.

"When I got home and put them onto my computer, one shot was perfectly clear and the other had these two dots on it."

Adding that he is "not a crank", Mr Morgan said he had no idea what the dots are.

It's the second 'UFO' sighting reported this weekend, with a man claiming to have captured video footage of a UFO falling from the skies over Iceland.

The mass, which appears to be some sort of fiery object, descends from the sky towards Akureyi in Iceland, reports the Mirror.

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