Office staff back flexible working

call centre workers

Most office staff would change their job if they were not allowed to work flexibly, a study has shown.

A survey of 1,000 people by recruitment firm Office Angels found that three out of five would move if their employer did not offer flexible arrangements.
Travel and childcare were given as some of the reasons for flexible working, although many said they simply preferred it.

Angela Smith, managing director of Office Angels, said: " Flexible working is clearly more important to employees than ever before, and childcare is not the main driver - rather it comes from the preference of employees.
"A strategic focus on flexible working can help an organisation attract and retain the best individuals. It is clear that a working culture which can adapt to a worker's lifestyle is becoming increasingly important, with employees wanting to achieve the optimum work/life balance."

Just over half of those questioned work flexibly, with 57% saying their employers offer flexible working.

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