Ferrari celebrates 30 years in Hong Kong

Ferrari celebrates 30 years in Hong Kong

Ferrari has celebrated 30 years of selling cars in Hong Kong by organising the largest gathering of its cars ever seen in Greater China.
More than 600 Ferrari models were roped in for the event, which took place at the Asia World Expo on the island of Lantau.

The cars, including extremely rare models such as the 599XX and FXX Evoluzione, were arranged into the shape of a five-petal flower for the event, which is meant to represent a symbol of Hong Kong known as the Bauhinia Blakeana.

Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo was also on hand alongside test driver Marc Gene, to present the company's latest product, the track-biased 458 Speciale, to the two thousand guests in attendance.

"I am pleased to be here to celebrate Ferrari's thirty years in Hong Kong, along with so many owners who share our passion and the search for excellence, exclusivity and innovation," said Montezemolo.

"Their contribution to our growth in Greater China has always been a vital element and it will continue to be so in the future."

There are currently around 1,700 Ferrari owners in Hong Kong.

Click play below to watch a video montage of the event.

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