Woman arrested for 'pistol-whipping' French tourist in New Zealand

Woman arrested for 'pistol-whipping' French tourist in New Zealand

A woman has been arrested for 'pistol-whipping' a French tourist in New Zealand.

A French couple, both 22, were camping in Napier on Saturday night when they were approached by a Maori man and woman asking for a cigarette lighter.

The woman then pulled out a pistol and the man brandished a baseball bat, and a fight ensued. The Maori woman then pistol-whipped the man across the face.

He suffered injuries to his cheek and eye, but his injuries were not serious.

The couple sounded the horn of their campervan in a bid to alert residents, and the attackers ran off.

Detective John McGregor of Napier Police said the couple had been in a popular tourist spot. He told the NZ Herald: "It's pretty much a random attack and it's hard to say to stay clear of those places... they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

The arrested woman will appear at Napier District Court this week, while police are still looking for her male accomplice.

The French couple had arrived in New Zealand in September for a working holiday.

Detective Mike Signal told Stuff.co.nz: "This was a cowardly and despicable act on two innocent tourists who were enjoying a visit to Hawke's Bay.

"They are understandably very shaken by their ordeal."

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