Top 10 Movie Car Chases: Part 1

Top 10 Movie Car Chases: Part 1

There is little better than a rubber-burning, bonnet-bending car chase to make a film really interesting. The titles below may not boast Oscar-worthy acting performances nor particularly developed plot lines but they all have one thing in common... completely and utterly eye-popping car chases.
10. Smokey and the Bandit

Burt Reynolds and his amazingly bushy moustache managed to increase sales of the Pontiac Trans Am by over 25,000 units in a single year, thanks to his and its role in this cult 70s flick. As with a multitude of films from this era, health and safety on set was a far cry from today's nannying standards, hence why that unforgettable bridge jump scene appeared so realistic... because it was.

9. James Bond Quantum of Solace

Witnessing an Aston Martin DBS being smashed to smithereens is painful to 99/9% of the population but when a certain Daniel Craig is at the helm, it acceptable... just about. The opening scene of Quantum of Solace sets a blistering pace to a Bond film like no other in history. Watch, wince and then breath a deep sigh of relief when it's all over.

8. The Blues Brothers

A world record amount of cars were wrecked during the filming of this iconic 80s movie, a total of 103 smashed vehicles made this one of the most chaotic shoots of its time. The famous Bluesmobile made mincemeat of a mall in the film's ultimate car chase scene, upping the record-breaking levels of destruction even more.

7. Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

Around 2000 sets of tyres were used during the filming of this cheesy tale of love and belonging in Japan. Luckily, more attention is focused on the driving than the emotional development of the film's central characters. Witnessing a highly tuned Nissan 350Z drifting up the helter-skelter style entrance to a roof-top car park makes the film well worth a watch... You can always fast forward the mushy stuff.

6. Gone in 60 Seconds

Nicholas Cage's acting skills divide opinion among the cinema-going public but one thing that doesn't is a film that involves Angelina Jolie, exotic cars and tyre-trashing car chases. Nic Cage was extensively trained by stunt drivers to carry out many of the impressive manoeuvres despite the fast editing style rendering most of his wheelwork unappreciated.

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