Rally legend Walter Rohrl terrifies passenger

Rally legend Walter Rohrl terrifies passenger

He's the man who ripped the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb to pieces in his 600bhp Audi Sport Quattro S1 and won numerous World Rally titles during his long and illustrious rallying career.
Nowadays, Rohrl spends his time punting paying passengers around race circuits at face melting speeds and one his latest co-pilots may have just taken the award for Most Scared Person in a Car... Ever.

German television presenter Barbara Schöneberger was the lucky lady to slip into the passenger seat of a new 300bhp Audi S3 while Rohrl did his thing around a high-speed circuit.

The result is a video that sees Barbara 'silently scream' her way around the circuit. She writhes, squeaks and contorts as the ex-rally extraordinaire drives the wheels off the little Audi hatchback.

There have been many famous videos of terrified passengers hollering their way around a high-speed circuit but this video is un-missable simply for poor Barbara's plethora of utterly petrified facial expressions.

Also, attentive viewers will notice that stony-faced Rohrl doesn't blink for the entire journey. That's the sign of a true pro.

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