Video: Rare fireball streaks through sky in Scotland

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Fireball streaks through sky in Scotland
Fireball streaks through sky in Scotland

A lucky photographer captured the rare moment a fireball lit up the sky above Sligachan on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

The rare event was accidentally captured by landscape photographer Marcus McAdam, who has been working on a time lapse video showing a year on Skye condensed into minutes.

Recently, he set his camera to record the stars over the Cuillin Mountains overnight.

Describing what he discovered the next day, Marcus told Rex Features: "As I was loading the images onto my computer, one thumbnail stood out as being quite different to the others, so I enlarged it and saw a huge streak across the sky".

Unsure what he had captured, he asked his Facebook followers and they pointed to a news story about reports of a fireball seen in the sky.

Amazingly, he has since discovered that the phenomenon he recorded was a different fireball - meaning there were two within 50 miles of each other at around the same time.

Marcus added: "I've since learnt that this is an extremely rare event, and even rarer to be photographed, as the whole thing happens in less than a second".

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