Woman evicted from hotel after nine years over $28k bill

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A US woman is being evicted from a hotel in Wisconsin after nine years - over an unpaid bill of $29,000.

Jana Ganjian, 64, checked into the Racine Marriot in Mount Pleasant in Jaunary 2004 after she lost her home because she couldn't work due to a debilitating connective tissue disorder similar to lupus.

She told wisn.com: "I had no vision of staying for nine and a half years, but with no family, no longer with a home, the hotel became home and the staff became family."

According to the Daily Mail, she said that she paid some of the $89-per-day fees with her monthly disability benefits, which total $783, but she could not afford all of the hotel costs, which amounted to $2,700 a month.

And, after getting two loans to help pay costs, she can no longer afford to live there.

According to the Journal Times, the Marriott began eviction proceedings against Ganjian in July, but that case was dismissed. Another was filed in September, culminating on Friday with an approval from court to evict her for non-payment.

Jana, once an advertising sales manager, told the paper she had no surviving family members, and no friends had offered to take her in. She said: "In Racine, people don't understand that you don't have a family, that you don't have children. There isn't anybody. That didn't used to be a problem. I was so independent."

She has been told she must move out of the hotel by 24 October.

Her attorney, Joseph Seifert, said that she qualifies for subsidised housing, but that the process could take weeks.

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