Dancing petrol station attendant becomes YouTube sensation

Dancing petrol station attendant becomes YouTube sensation

Part of the USP pedalled by electric car manufacturers is that owners will never have to face the mundanity of a petrol station forecourt ever again.
Queuing up behind motorists that insist on doing their weekly shop in the mini-mart only to realise the fuel filler cap is on the other side of the car – a scenario that is all too familiar with commuters up and down the country.

But one petrol station attendant in Eastern Europe was captured attempting to brighten up his customer's day by performing a complex break dancing routine as the vehicle he was attending to received its dose of fuel.

The video, which was captured on a dash-mounted camera and subsequently uploaded to the Web, shows a Lada pulling up to the petrol pumps while the camera car behind blasts techno from the stereo, the attendant offers to assist the Lada owner and then decides to bust out his best break dancing routine.

The Lada just so happens to have a nice flat wooden surface strapped to its roof so naturally the jiving attendant clambers up and begins back flipping to the beat.

Occupants of the camera car behind can be heard whooping and cheering, which only encourages the petrol station worker to dig deeper into his bag of tricks and select his most impressive break-dance moves.

It could all be a complete set-up but it makes for an entertaining watch nonetheless.

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