Elderly lady smashes into car wash and walks away

Elderly lady smashes into car wash and walks away

Sainsbury's supermarket in Rugby, Warwickshire faced a large clean up operation and equally hefty insurance bill after a grandmother mistook a car wash for the car park's exit on Saturday.> The pensioner- who has yet been named – finished her weekly shop in the store at around 11am on Saturday morning when she attempted to drive out of the supermarket but instead ploughed straight into an automatic car wash.

The out of control Peugeot 106 hit the frame of the car wash with such force that it sent the metal construction and heavy brushes crashing on top of the car, smashing the windscreen, buckling the bumper and almost crushing the B-pillar.

Amazingly, the old lady managed to stumble away from the wreckage with little more than a few scrapes and a very bruised ego.

A Sainsbury's spokesperson told the Daily Mail: "We're delighted that the customer was unharmed and in good spirits after the accident.

"Our car wash will remain closed while we make repairs and we hope to see the customer in store again soon."

The Coventry Telegraph reported that the incident at the Dunchurch Road store will cost the company thousands of pounds to repair but staff are happy that no one was injured in the incident.

The Daily Mail added that on Tuesday, one worker at the store, who did not wish to be named, said:

Elderly lady smashes into car wash and walks away

"There's two tons of metal in that car wash so she had a very lucky escape.

"She was quite jovial about it - and joked to staff that she thought it was the way out.

"She said "my grandchildren won't let me live this down".

"She took it all in her stride really, she seemed a really sweet old dear."
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