B&Q recalls some blinds: risk to children

The blinds

B&Q has put out an urgent recall of some of its blinds. It has discovered that the 'break cord' safety device on some of the blinds may not work properly - which could pose a risk to young children.

So what can you do if you have one of these blinds?

The blinds

Only some B&Q blinds are affected. These include a number of bamboo blinds sold between October 2010 and 2013, including: Bamboo blind in natural or chocolate, Colours zany bamboo blind natural, and Toba bamboo chocolate roll up slat blinds. It affects all sizes and colours.

The recall has also been issued on all sizes and colours of Mallee and drupe roman blinds sold between April 2012 and October 2013.

The risk

If you have one of these blinds, you no doubt went through the normal amount of stress in putting them up, and may be reluctant to take them down and start all over again. However, it's vital that you stop using them immediately, because the device which could fail is one designed to protect young children from strangulation.

A 'break cord' safety device is designed so that if abnormal pressure is applied, the device will pull apart and the cord will break. The idea is that if a child was to become entangled, or fall with their head through the cord, the cord would simply come off. If the device was to fail, there's a risk of strangulation.

If you have one of these blinds, you can take it back to your nearest store for a full refund or contact B&Q on 0800 389 0419.

It also pays to keep your eye out for these blinds in future. Bearing in mind that at most recalls tend to be 30% effective at best, it means that the vast majority of these products are likely to remain in people's homes. If you buy or rent a property which already has blinds, you will need to check that they are not one of the faulty models, and if in doubt, replace them immediately.
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