Video: Giant 13ft great white shark is largest ever tagged in Australia

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The biggest great white shark ever caught and electronically tagged in Australia has been captured on camera.

The Department of Fisheries has now released footage of the shark, which was caught off Albany's Cheynes Beach on 27 August.

According to, "the Department of Fisheries hooked this white pointer (aka a great white shark), then flipped it upside down into a state of tonic immobility".

It added: "Researchers then surgically implanted the tracking device into the shark's stomach, before sewing it up and releasing it."

The Department has tagged more than 300 sharks in Australian waters, but this one was the largest so far.

The shark monitoring network has around 320 receivers on the seabed and 20 satellite receivers to monitor sharks.

According to Yahoo News, there are 136 great white sharks, 171 whaler sharks and 19 tiger sharks electronically tagged to set off network receivers when they swim within 400 to 500 metres of the satellite-linked acoustic receivers.

Fisheries Minister Troy Buswell said that alerts could now be delivered to safety agencies within than two minutes. He told Yahoo: "These upgrades mean this summer, response agencies will have even more time to close a beach and alert water users of potential shark hazards, with alerts from receivers being sent faster."

As well as protecting tourists and locals, the acoustic tags also offer "unprecedented" information for shark researchers.

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