One in ten Brits admit secret spending led to divorce

Caroline Cassidy

A survey of Britons' credit card shopping habits has revealed that couples up and down the country are risking their relationships thanks to secret spending.

Brits admit to secret spending
Brits admit to secret spending

Pic: Corbis

The poll of 1,000 adults, by, found that 15 per cent had lied to their partner about their credit card spending, with 36 per cent of those keeping quiet because they knew their other half would be angry, and a further 35 per cent admitting they knew their significant other would not approve.

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One in ten said that their credit card shopping habits had caused rows at home, and the same number confessed that secret spending had ultimately led to divorce or separation.

The survey revealed that 50 per cent of Brits use their credit card for everyday essential purchases such as utility bills, petrol and food, but the same number whip out the plastic to treat themselves.

And while women are 60 per cent more likely to hide their credit card spending from their partner because of a guilty conscience, men were found to be the biggest secret spenders, getting through an average of £360 a month compared to women's £274.
According to the Daily Mail, Clare Francis, editor-in-chief at, said: "Clearly some people keep the amount they spend on their credit card close to their chest, which is not necessarily an issue as long as they are honest with themselves and keep on top of their bills."

She added: "One of the worries about people who spend in secret is that they do so because they know they can't really afford it in the long run, it just makes things worse as they can end up saddled with debt and with relationship problems. No pair of shoes is worth that!"

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