British pensioner killed in landslide after climbing Himalayan mountain

British pensioner killed in landslide after climbing Himalayan mountain

A British pensioner has died in a landslide after climbing a mountain in the Himalayas.

Alan Slater, 67, from Walton, Liverpool, was killed after conquering the 17,100ft Shetidhar peak on Friday.

He was an experienced climber, starting at the age of 17, and had scaled Mount Kilimanjaro and Mont Blanc.

It is thought 48 hours of heavy rainfall before the climb was responsible for the landslide.

Mr Slater leaves behind his wife Margaret and son Andrew, as well as four children and four great grand children.

His son, Andrew Slater, told the Mirror: "He was part of a group of around 10 other experienced climbers.

"It's difficult to get all the details because of the location, but we believe the landslide was caused by terrible rainfall over the last 48 hours.

"It was just one of those tragic accidents that couldn't be avoided."

Andrew, who heard of his father's death via a call from the Foreign Office on Saturday, told the Daily Mail: : "My dad was still a very fit and healthy man, and he climbed a lot.

"We all loved him dearly and we're devastated about it. We're all going to miss him terribly.

"It's tragic that he was killed so early into his retirement. It's a very minor consolation, but if we can take anything from it it's that he died doing something he loved."

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