Blind man leads police in high-speed pursuit

Blind man leads police in high-speed pursuit

A Sheffield man was involved in a high-speed chase with police despite being nearly completely blind.
Sheffield Crown Court heard that 21-year-old Mulazum Hussain was spotted by officers due to the speed of his driving in the early hours of the morning, on the Parkway out of the city centre.

When the police attempted to pull Hussain over, he sped up to over 85mph and drove through a number of red lights in an attempt to get away.

The chase, which covered a distance of over five miles, saw Hussain career into road furniture and over roundabouts, before he rammed a police car.

He was eventually stopped when he was boxed in by two patrol cars.

Despite being identified as the only occupant of his Vauxhall Corsa during the pursuit, Hussain had the cheek to jump into the passenger seat immediately after being stopped and claimed that he was being driven by his cousin and couldn't possibly have been behind the wheel due to his lack of sight.

Hussain eventually pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and driving with no insurance and was handed a nine-month jail term.

Passing sentence, Judge Jeremy Barnett said: "You pleaded guilty to the most awful piece of driving.

"It was highly dangerous, aggravated by you being only partially sighted."
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