Where is the X-Factor house? The 2013 location revealed

X-Factor House

The X-Factor has moved to the Live Finals phase, which means the contestants can leave behind the stress at the judges' houses and settle into the high drama at the X-Factor house. The property experts at Zoopla have tracked the property down online and revealed details of the house being used this year.

So where is it, and what will the new residents do for the area?

The house

The 2013 X-Factor house is 9a Broad Walk in Winchmore Hill in London. It has been on the rental market for an impressive £17,000 a month, and Zoopla estimates that the property itself is worth over £6 million.

The property has to be pretty impressive to house the 19 finalists and their assorted egos. It also features a dramatic sweeping staircase - ideal for photo opportunities, and an indoor pool, basketball court, and table-tennis table for honing the rivalries. There's a music room - with a piano - for them to fight over, and a great modern kitchen (which presumably will be an alien landscape to some of the younger contestants). It also has a decent pop heritage - as it used to belong to Lionel Richie.

So what does having an X-Factor house do for the area?

For some fans of the show, there could be nothing more exciting than having pop hopefuls on your doorstep. However, for everyone else it may be a mixed blessing.

Past houses have had an impact on the locals. In 2009 the show rented a £5.65 million property on West Heath Avenue in Hampstead, and the quiet leafy road was the scene of mayhem. At one point a gang of girls tried to scale the walls and security guards were brought in. Neighbours complained about the noise from screaming fans and the fire alarms going off at night.

In 2010 it was the turn of a quiet cul-de-sac in Golders Green, when the contestants moved into a £3.5 million property. The arrival of the contestants, the camera crews and private security prompted complaints even before the live shows started. Once One Direction started drawing the crowds, things got even more stressful for the locals.

In 2011 they were sent out to a mansion in Hertfordshire, set in plenty of grounds, so they couldn't disturb anyone. But the rolling countryside wasn't to everyone's taste.

Last year they all stayed in the Corinthia Hotel in central London - which apparently sparked a storm of complaints from the hotel management as to the behaviour of the contestants.

The locals can take comfort that it'll all be over by Christmas, and life will return to normal. For the owner of the house, who knows, it may spark interest from other potential tenants or buyers. In 2009, the developer who rented the property to the show was pleased with publicity for the house - which went on the market as soon as the show was over.
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