Don't ditch treats to lose weight, says survey

Caroline Cassidy

There is good news for slimmers today as a new survey has revealed that indulging in a little of what you fancy could help you to lose weight.

Keep eating treats for diet success
Keep eating treats for diet success

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In a poll of 2,100 men and women, conducted by YouGov, 86 per cent of dieters carried on enjoying their favourite treats and still managed to slim down. And of those who had lost the most weight, 91 per cent had continued to eat their usual allowance of chocolate alongside their diet plan.

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The survey backs up previous research that suggests those who eliminate all their naughty treats, including chocolate wine and biscuits, were more likely to put on weight by compensating and eating bigger portions of other foods.
According to the Daily Mail, one study even found that up to 65 per cent of slimmers who cut out all their treats ended up heavier than when they started their strict diet.

Janet Aylott, a nutrition scientist with Nutracheck, which commissioned the survey, said: "Extensive research has proven that diets centred around food elimination are much more likely to fail.

"The key it to take a more relaxed approach and to have a little of what you like."

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