Couple burgled on wedding day - by uninvited family

The happy couple

A young couple were enjoying the wedding they had been planning for two years, when the police arrived. They told the couple that their home had been broken into during the ceremony, and furniture and belongings had been destroyed. And even worse: it had all been done by a family member they hadn't invited.

So what happened, and is this the worst thing to happen to a couple on their wedding day?
According to the Daily Mail, Annwen and Jonathan Bell were enjoying the reception when the police turned up and told them there had been a break-in at their home in Lampeter, West Wales. The sofa was slashed, the TVs broken and ornaments destroyed. The damage added up to £5,000.

The Daily Telegraph said that the perpetrator was the bride's father's girlfriend's son, Ceri Davies. Annwen's father had left his wife of 30-years to start a relationship with Davies' mother - who had been a lodger with the family.

Davies took advantage of the fact he knew there would be no-one home. He was seen breaking into the couple's home, and was arrested after neighbours called the police. He has been jailed for three years and four months after admitting burglary and criminal damage.

Wedding day disasters

It's a shocking thing to happen on your wedding day, and to the couple's credit, they continued the party so as not to spoil the day for their 200 guests.

However, it's not the first time a nasty twist has hit a couple on their wedding day. We reported last week about the groom who had called the registry office and sparked a bomb scare to cover the fact he had forgotten to book the ceremony.

Over the weekend we then learned of the couple who were married at London's Central Synagogue in August. They were unhappy with the wedding video, so asked for the raw footage. When it arrived they could hear a voice in the background for much of the wedding insulting the bride and making anti-Semitic comments.

Wedding disasters can be painful too. There was the woman from South Littleton in Worcester who was travelling to her wedding by horse and carriage a few years ago when the horse bolted, the driver fell off, and the bride and her father were left careering down the road. They suffered only cuts and bruises, after her father pushed her from the speeding carriage. The wedding was postponed.

And there's the couple from Doncaster who decided to tie the knot in Turkey a couple of years ago. Every member of the wedding party got food poisoning, and the best man spent several days on a drip. The wedding went ahead regardless - although one bridesmaid was rushed to hospital immediately after the ceremony.
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