Indian train station breaks record for world's longest platform

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Gorakhpur train station in India has the world's longest railway platform, measuring 1,366 metres - almost a mile long.

The train station in the northern Indian suburb of Uttar Pradesh picked up a Guinness World Record for its newly refurbished platform, which can accommodate two 26-carriage trains at the same time.

Speaking to the Times of India, Senior Railway department official KK Atal said: "I congratulate the people of Gorakhpur on getting the privilege of world's longest railway platform in the city. I also appreciate the cooperation of the people of Gorakhpur as more than half of the work was completed within 11 days."

According to World Record Academy, Gorakhpur train station broke the Guinness World Records' record of 833m set by the platform at Kharagpur Station, West Bengal, India.

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