Man loses legs in forklift accident at Florida marina

Man loses legs in forklift accident at marina

A man lost both of his legs after being crushed by a forklift at a marina in Florida.

James Runyon, 51, was working with his son Justin, 26, installing metal wheel stops on a public boat ramp at Hernando Beach marina.

The forklift, driven by marina owner Gordon Wolf, 54, approached the seawall where it was taking measurements for the next few stops, when it started rolling towards father and son.

The forklift crushed James into a metal fence and severed his legs.

Hernando Beach Fire Chief David Freda and his crew were first to arrive on the scene. He told "I don't know how that happened, but the forklift fell on its side and the forks had severed both his legs.

"He was in the water, and my guys at Hernando Beach and me got there first, and got him out of the water."

Justin Runyon told "My dad did everything he could to try to get out of the way. But it all happened too fast."

Justin said he believed the 20,000lb forklift had been switched off, leaving the hydraulic brakes inoperable. He told that he saw Wolfe jump from the machine before in fell into the water.

Justin added that his father is unconscious after surgery, but that the hospital "think he's going to be okay".

The accident is under investigation Hernando's County Sheriff's Office.

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