Half of newlyweds miss out on wedding night sex

It is one of the most romantic, memorable and happiest days of a couple's life, but according to a new survey, more than half of newlyweds fail to consummate their marriage on the wedding day.

Newlyweds missing out on wedding night sex

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The poll of 2,138 recently married couples found that 52 per cent missed out on wedding night sex, with 17 per cent waiting more than three days after the big day to enjoy some bedroom action.

Though there were a variety of reasons for this lack of wedding night love-making, going a little overboard during the celebrations came high on the list. In 24 per cent of cases the groom was simply too drunk to get up to much in the bedroom, while for 13 per cent, it was the bride who had overindulged.

Some 16 per cent of brides found the whole day too exhausting and fell asleep, while for 11 per cent of couples, looking after the children took top priority. Nine per cent of those surveyed said they were already en route to their honeymoon destination on the wedding night, while seven per cent were too busy partying with guests to think about sex.

However, things didn't bode well for the nine per cent who were already arguing by the end of the reception.
Goerge Charles, marketing director of Voucher Codes Pro, which commissions the survey, told the Daily Mail: "The emphasis of wedding night sex for married couples is no longer a huge factor.

"It may be that the stress and pressure of organising a wedding takes the main priority, especially considering such a large proportion of couples have been living together for years."

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