Alligator snaps up top sunbathing spot - on a turtle

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Alligator snaps up top sunbathing spot - on a turtle
Alligator snaps up top sunbathing spot - on a turtle

A turtle was left shell-shocked after being woken up by an alligator climbing on its back hoping to catch some rays.

The dopey alligator mistook the turtle for a rock and casually climbed on board unaware it was climbing onto the dozing turtle.

After being woken up, the turtle, a yellow-bellied slider, tried to manoeuvre the gator off his shell but it didn't want to budge and somehow stayed on board.

The hilarious moment was captured by keen photographer Mary Ellen Urbanski, 55, while on a trip to Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge in Townsend in Georgia, USA.

Biotechnician Mary Ellen, who also dismissed the turtle as a piece of wood at first glance, immediately started shooting when she saw the log-like object raise its head.

Mary Ellen, from Rincon, Georgia, told Caters News: "I have worked at the refuge for almost two years now and haven't seen anything like that before.

"When I saw the alligator in the picture I first thought he was on a log and I drove on by.

"But as I got past him I realised his perch looked a little strange. I stopped and swung my camera around and that's when I saw that he was on the back of a turtle.

"I immediately started taking pictures because turtles and alligators are pretty skittish and I was afraid they would dive in the water when I started backing up to get a better angle.

"I guess the turtle was sunning on the log trying to warm up as it was cold that morning and the alligator crawled on top of him to do the same thing.

"The gator was relentless and refused to budge no matter how hard the turtle tried to shake him off. When I left they were still in the same position."

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