Goodbye Indian summer! Arctic blast to hit Britain this weekend

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UK weather: Arctic blast to hit Britain this weekend
UK weather: Arctic blast to hit Britain this weekend

The balmy 20C temperatures we've been enjoying for the last few days will officially finish this weekend - as an Arctic blast will bring the UK's first real winter chill.

It's going to feel much colder everywhere, with the mercury dropping to -2C in Scotland, and 9C to 12C in England.

The east coast of England will also experience gales of up to 50mph.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told Aol Travel: "A brief Arctic plunge from the north will sweep southwards over the North Sea to central Europe with high pressure then building again to the north of the UK. There will be heavy snowfalls over the Alps on Thursday and Friday.

"Thursday will feel much colder than of late everywhere. The east will experience fresh to strong northerly winds, with gales over the North Sea and gusts to 50mph possible.There will be scattered showers in the east, but western Britain looks like it will be a lot better with plenty of sunshine. Temperatures 10 to 12C over England and Wales, but nearer 7C to 9C in central and northern Scotland.

The weekend isn't looking too good, either. "The forecast is bleak for the south and SE through Friday and Saturday as the cold pool over central Europe meanders northwards again. Fresh and gusty north east winds and rain will spread back northwards from the near continent.

"Temperatures will reach around 10C in the rain. In contrast, under higher pressure to the north there will be the first widespread frosts of the autumn in Scotland. Temperatures down to -2C in places on both Friday and Saturday morning in central and western Scotland."

By Sunday, Leon adds, "the wet weather over the south will move to northern England and Wales with brighter and drier weather for the south and south east of the UK. Temperatures will be only 9C to 10C in the rain and 13C to 14C in the brighter south and also in the sunshine over western Scotland."

Sadly, the warm weather shows no sign of returning next week either. Leon said: "It will remain quite cool and unsettled over the southern half of Britain while the north remains dry and has the best of the sunshine. There's still a ground frost risk in Scotland."

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