Girl dies after jumping out of moving car

Girl dies after jumping out of moving car

A teenage girl has died after she leapt out of her parents' moving car after an alleged argument.
Laikyn Field, 16, of Jackson County, Indiana, USA, suffered serious head injuries after hitting the pavement on an interstate road, and was later pronounced dead in hospital.

Miss Field was accompanied by her mother and stepfather, who was driving the minivan, when she became upset and jumped out of a passenger side door.

Mike Carothers, the investigating officer with the Jackson County Sheriff's Department, told local WLKY news: "We're trying to make sure and try and find out what was going on at the time when she got out of the vehicle, whether there was an argument.

"We hear a lot of things. We just need to get to the bottom and find out exactly what did occur."

Miss Field died surrounded by family after being airlifted 60 miles to a hospital in Indianapolis.

There have been claims that the teenager had been a victim of school bullying, both in person and on the Internet.

An anonymous poster to the Indiana Columbuzz blog said: "There was an unbearable amount of cyber bullying, and remarks about her on a daily basis."

Miss Field leaves behind her mother and father as well as a brother and sister. Her funeral takes place this Friday.
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