A day in the life of a Lamborghini test driver

A day in the life of a Lamborghini test driver

Forget training to be a big shot city lawyer or joining the RAF to mess around in fighter jets all day, the best job in the world title has to go Lamborghini's test drivers.
The group of expert wheelsmiths can be found hanging around the sun-drenched surroundings of the Bologna race circuit or jetting around the world in search of winding mountain passes to thoroughly test all of the Italian marque's up an coming models.

Driver Giorgio Sanna is the focus of Lamborghini's latest PR video that showcases the work of its tireless test drivers.

Sanna's job is to shakedown road-going prototypes and give his opinion on various motorsport topics – after all, he has been known to boss the Super Trofeo series when the mood takes.

Releasing a video that puts a test driver before exotic metal may seem like a strange departure for Lamborghini but the Italian marque takes this subject seriously.

Just two years ago Lamborghini released the Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni edition, which honoured test driver Valentino Balboni.

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