Anger as campers leave human poo on picturesque beach in Scotland

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Anger as campers leave human poo on picturesque beach in Scotland
Anger as campers leave human poo on picturesque beach in Scotland

Residents near a picturesque beach in Scotland have complained about "unacceptable" levels of human faeces being left after summer camping trips.

A number of people have complained to the local council after human poo, litter, and bonfire remains were left scattered around the Firth of Clyde beach.

It is thought the warm summer brought higher numbers of visitors than usual to the village of Portencross in North Ayrshire.

And now locals are highlighting possible health risks as well as the mess ruining the landscape.

Speaking to the Herald Scotland, local resident Audrey Naismith Kolon said she didn't have a problem with people camping on the beach but the mess they leave behind is "not acceptabe".

She said: "They arrive here with a handful of tents and stay for a few days, very few bury or dispose of their waste at all.

"Some have been defecating in and around the rocks and the foreshore and even leaving spoiled toilet paper behind."

Mrs Kolon added that the local council had a responsibility to protect public health and that toilet facilities are "few and far between".

But a North Ayrshire Council spokesman told the Herald Scotland that the site is privately owned and, as such, its use is the responsibility of the land-owner. As it is not a dedicated campsite, it said, campsite facilities were not necessarily expected to be maintained there.

The spokesman added: "We would, however, remind people of their responsibilities when enjoying the local countryside so that other local residents and visitors can enjoy this section of the coastline."

In January this year, meanwhile, human excrement was found by a team of avalanche risk forecasters on a footpath leading to one of Scotland's beauty spots, Creag Meagaidh.

TheBBCreports that the waste and rolled up tissue were discovered in Coire Ardair near Creag Meagaidh, a 20-minute walk away from a public toilet.

Scottish Natural Heritage built a toilet for visitors in the area two years ago.

A spokesman said: "Almost all visiting Creag Meagaidh will have passed right by it. It's difficult to miss, so please use it."

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